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Pei ink can not help but give birth to find out the heart , but he knew to their own identity, to take the temerity to go as easily be ulterior motives of the believers , had forcibly pressed under impulse secretly on their own , said: ' design department , waiting me ! ' Look awaiting final one, a voice was sharp ears pierced outdated warehouse came from : "What Pei ink station early in the morning do not punch the door staring right fifty do not want is not it ? ? ? " Pei ink turned to look, what to take classes in Korea with their own sister , TZ clothing warehouse into raw materials library , library materials and finished products , finished products Pei ink which is the second warehouse , according to the working men and women do not mix tired of principle , the sub- libraries are strictly better off sex ratio , a woman in charge of the storage and inventory of power, and even has a right to make recommendations to take classes of men , in fact, of the status of treasury , the man is a coolie general existence. This is no way, TZ clothing boss is a woman, and only produced ladies on thirty acres of land , a woman propped up the entire film days ! And this Li sister , that is, not too far from the beautiful sister , a stocky woman about forty , philistine mean , in short , all the dirty work in the warehouse are all the parts Pei ink with another librarian thing she is in addition to dictate billing . If it was in the past is the wrist , Pei Shan Xiaozhao explain two ink inevitable , but today , it does not matter just smiled and went inside . Sister could not help Korea saw two more , face looming discontent , who always felt Pei ink from some changes . Having played cards, Pei own ink also noticed this, he felt , was to curry favor with yesterday or next plane was flattery , but secretly I do not know how many times was grass Lai sister , today landed their own eyes, has Cang off for the ants like existence , which made him secretly wondered . ' Is this the strong mentality ? ' Pei ink sudden heart of a dynamic , in his speculation , one is in contact with Roland almost all the characters from high society , and self- absorbed Roland 's memory, vision will inevitably become open, on the other hand , you and devour Roland 's soul about , more or less will be affected by some alien character. You know, as the industry 's leading figures, an arrogance of its own near the body , not on how many ladies big gal Roland 's eyes, how could a small warehouse and head of care ? Afford to lose enough for the man ! Pei ink fact clear , with a strong mind is good, the problem is, their own is not strong ah , took Li sister in front of it , she just play a little to the above report , even though their own and will not pack up and go home , reduced if it is unavoidable. However , Pei ink can no longer go out and lose smile , one is the real state of mind has changed already , on the other hand , he always felt , Roland did not completely dead , it may still be a glimmer of consciousness is hiding imperceptible corner peep own it . Although this is suspicious, but inherited the mantle of PEI Roland ink is very reluctant to let their own imaginary Roland contempt . Pei ink for Roland do see their own future success will surpass him, and would not become GAY ! Pei ink while turning the idea , while finishing the warehouse , the warehouse after a phone rang off , Li sister called out : " ! Pei ink , come here ." Pei ink hands down dude , no hurry hurry walked over , faint and asked: " ? Li sister , what happened ." Korea and sister out for a single piece of clothing , hand it over and said: " this sent the design department, they have to re- proofing, Kuaiqukuaihui ! " Moment, Pei ink could not believe their own ears , Design ah ! This is the security TZ clothing warehouse shrine in mind ah ! He felt that God really blessing himself , just waiting for me to think of the design department , we really had the opportunity to design department ! " ? ? Hair What stunned do not go ," Pei ink have not been able to accept the reality of what this beautiful , Miss Li has despised urged: "Do you not know my mind of these people , it is you that bear-like , to what nothing, an unskilled laborer to take two thousand , the girls want to hit the design department idea ? waiting for you to come back after the open on the BMW , I advise you now or Province , correct attitude , do not lose our warehouse face ! " Bitter and harsh words , however , Pei ink does not care about her , pick up things , turned away. Close to two hundred meters away , when carries excitement when you open the door design department , Pei ink had a moment of trance , this is the design department? Pei ink involuntarily looked back glass doors on three characters , the design department ! Design is not as their own and workmates imagined so beautiful , inside a mess , the more than one hundred square meters of space , more than a dozen large table disorder spreading, each table with a sewing machine , table placed King ruler compasses , computers, documents and drawings piecemeal . Aisle and corner, not a detour or clothes or naked plastic models , is piled all kinds of fabrics, barely settled on the ground, but also all the rag heads, still exudes the air of one sewing machine oil taste . Pei ink some disbelief , shook his head, then set their sights on the house designers , which makes him the impression of a slight improvement in the design department , a total of nine designers , including a middle-aged woman was simply ignored in the past, there are two of about thirty light Mature , remaining with their own age-matched , in general, looks are at least above average . When the veil of mystery has been lifted , you will find , in fact, but so , Pei ink imagined that clean and elegant design department coexistence , exists only in the fashion show with top designers in the world, as a domestic or three dress TZ flow International mediocre women's brands will naturally not pay big bucks to improve the designer's work environment. Pei hair with ink still stunned , a ponytail girl had beckoned him : "You are right to send clothes Come ? ! " This girl head is not high , very symmetrical, makeup is not too beautiful, very delicate , giving a fresh and neat feeling, that a pair of big eyes looking to positive revealing a trace of anxiety , Pei ink quickly go in the past. Girls rush to grab clothes , readily took a pen to sign the requisition name . Pei ink take a look, but helpless found , the word is the word , you can not know the contents , had secretly shook his head. Associated with the bottom being torn , the girl has hastily fluffed clothes , muttered: " ? ? ! Where there is a problem in the end is how ah sell it Oops , this month bonus wasted ." In TZ clothing, in addition to a handful of senior designers, designers using general obligation linked system, designed costumes after that under the orders to the factory , if you sell less than expected, is to be held accountable , the most commonly used means of is a bonus deduction , then reach if continuous , would only be dismissed , very cruel ! Pei ink to the girl looked up quickly swept badges : trainee designer , I thought no wonder , while next door is a designer way until near to, sympathetic sigh and said: "Yes ah , very nice shirt , I did not to see what is the problem , how will buy it? you this batch of orders under the five hundred , ten days later, only to sell ten , our company has nearly twenty points , coupled with the network ordering, the average only a daily shipments , consumer vision deteriorates , or their brain damage ? " Words are the words of sympathy , but one of the Xingzaiyuehuo , anyone can hear , eyes turn to PEI ink again , this is an ordinary twenty -year-old designer , pull straight blond hair , face cream a thick foundation, dark contrasting neck , upper small straps, pants Qi B small skirt , revealing facial features could not conceal lighted . Sure enough, there was a place of rivers and lakes , TZ apparel design department so small , yet full of infighting , Pei put ink only glance look away , look to the hands of the girl shirt. This is an elegant creamy white bars close small shirt , waist , shoulders and chest dotted with a few leaves like flower-shaped computer , look cute and lovely , common sense says you can wear to highlight the young woman's youthful vigor , not to mention the price is not expensive , the price tags on the 188 , but in actual sales to discount in order to estimate the autumn launch next month , at least six to Qizhe efforts. Completely involuntary , PEI ink feel confined in their own spirit on this shirt , blink only work discovered inconsistency , immediately blurting out: "This dress some flaws in the handling of the collar , if the arc angle Link to small pointed collar , expanding one-third inch upward , the effect will be even better ! " Discourse, full of all doubt ! But, Pei ink shocked ! Did not speak after the brain , whether it is their own , or did gay ghost Roland say ? At that time he felt the urge to have a speak out , if you do not say it, my heart oppressed exception ! But the word is out , which gave the house to look after another to attract over, are filled with disdain and contempt , blonde designer is not help light laugh: ! " Yo not know if you are watching the warehouse , I it really treat you as a designer , and this year , ah, dictate what people can come , do designers rotten Street ? " Pei ink fundamental Wuxialihui , he must figure out , is not hiding Roland did not die through insidious . Actually that girl , did not rush to deny , but stared looking at the hands of the shirt , heads ponder looming soon asked: " ? Could you elaborate " As if this moment really turned to Roland , Pei ink continues without hesitation : "If I am not mistaken , this shirt should be your own design for the model to be honest, it 's very beautiful models , it is suitable for your both said body, if you wear , do not have any flaws, but you ignore the fact that not all girls can have your body, it can only give the slender beauty Jingbo modified it, the Jingbo tubby , even unexciting girl, put it simply contrasting Jingbo ugly . I think that ten to sell , and you should have the same beautiful girl Jingbo purchased , the idea is good, but as popular garments audience a bit too narrow in my opinion , you can refer to the change it ! "