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Not see what was going on , Roland has large fonts with open arms was quickly stopped , with reddish cheeks dissatisfaction: " ! Not allowed to see ." " Oh ~ ~" Pei ink awkward smile , the eyes move elsewhere. This shift , the blue corner of my eye right view Yuqing down after air conditioning remote control , off the jacket while casually asked: " ? Pei ink , you are now and Roland started , or to sit for a while and so eaten ." Roland 's face in front of Pei ink can dare to look undressed blue Yuqing , however , that a cursory look is deeply engraved in the minds of them ! Due to hot weather, they must be dressed in blue Yuqing professional package , although the car has air conditioning , but to go upstairs and get off this short period of a few minutes, there 's a white tunic shirt soaked with sweat as has largely been a translucent, firmly attached in the body , that exquisite rose waist and chest Guzhang presented is perfect ! Blue Yuqing body mature , full trapped inside, so that the ink on PEI otaku constitute unparalleled destruction , especially when the Blue Jackets off Yuqing Department of Student Groups that moment , the heat mixed with the smell of body fragrance into the room so Pei ink uncontrolled heart pounding racing ! But the ink immediately called shock Pei Ling , a trace of guilt welled up in my heart , like the Roland own , how can it be attracted to her sister ? Pei ink to make a strong casual look, but with a wire to consult dodge sights Roland , Roland did not seem aware of the PEI ink exception , followed on the Road : "It is now , anyway, is also sitting idle, good meal my sister would call us, PEI ink , you go to a small room , I 'll be right over . " "Oh ! " Pei ink nodded, and went alone . Roland is with her sister came to the edge of the sink , two size woman washed her face slightly , and each holding a plastic plate from a hair clip , Roland looked back , low voice: "Sister, your attention yet? Pei ink just blushed it ! " Blue Yuqing also pretty face red, snappily said: " ? ? Were you , I have to take off his jacket when he faces , how satisfied now ." " Ah ! " Roland heavy nod : " Pei ink obviously tempted, too, you are so beautiful sister , unless it is gay , otherwise no man will ignore your presence , I heard that , ah, you like otaku killer royal sister , but it ! However , he was able to restrain myself, look at my eyes and also to bring the guilty , which I am very satisfied ! sister , remember to fish out the fridge and burned ! "Then, humming songs, bounce ran a small room . Blue Yuqing looked at her sister's back, but it is helpless shook his head, she could see that , although Roland mouth very hard , in fact, is really in love with PEI ink , not far from thorough Cang trap , which makes her think of their own . Blue Yuqing year old should be smaller , but also desperate for love , the result of a deep wound , and now also a man full of alert , she worried that Roland will also hurt, after all , the future is to engage Pei ink fashion design, all the time in temptations . As the saying goes , rather demolished ten Temple, do not ruin a marriage , blue Yuqing can they do? She sighed heavily , then walked toward the kitchen . The罗兰刚entered the house , they saw Pei ink curious playing with tools immediately clear cough twice , correct face and said: ! " Pei ink , we can now begin the basic elements of costume design , and not out of line , material and color , knowledge of these theoretical aspects and you say I do not believe that with your talent can be a good grasp in practice , the first step in our garment from , that is drawing Speaking tonight and the next few days inside , I'll teach you to draw. There are currently drawing in two ways, first, Lee is a computer software automatically generates the second is pure hand- drawing , most of the designers are using software assistance, such as CAD, photoshop , etc., convenient and realistic, however , to become a good designer , you must use hand drawing , so I only teach you drawing methods , software can own you are interested to know , but not dependence , understand? " In fact , the ink from PEI to engulf the memory already learned , giving gay ghost design drawings, never rely on smart devices, then the computer already has a considerable artificial intelligence , on the surface , plotted in Fig. more accurate , more beautiful, more understandable , even flawless even can also handle the details , but, after all, is intelligent drawing dead , seemed a bit stiff , which in ordinary designer who has been sufficient , but for top designers , especially in such a talented gay ghost , the auxiliary is undoubtedly using a smart self-defeating fame ! Very simple, often a line , a wrinkled little change , it will bring distinct visual impact, gay ghost works of spirituality, are the details from the personalized treatment , with his keen observation with superior sensibility , the same style, same fabric, you can do more than any other designer perfect ! Thus , PEI ink nodded appreciate. Roland took small pieces of T-shirts put in front of Pei ink , satisfied smiles: "Well, first off I tell you before, you can now draw a line based on its first figure , I do not give you any hints , you Do not have a psychological pressure, I just want to look at your base . " Pei ink the spotlight in the past , that he is strange that gay ghost haunting this time does not come out , but no ya to go into the reason , but their brains to remember the scene when drawing gay ghost . To be honest, the process of drawing gay ghost eclectic exceptions, are generally required to cover each other , including the removal of clothing , including cover and let him take a closer look , and then take the tape measure measurements, in particular the proportion of breast size is a top priority ! This process will inevitably touch the woman 's body, often unknowingly amount to the bed . However, this is not a gay ghost alone this one , the fashion industry is concerned , a considerable part of the top designers are so, unless the customer is strongly opposed ! Fashion design and production of various garments , fashion design requirements as much as possible to show the uniqueness of the individual , rather than with a wide range of resistance, which requires every detail of the body are of its hand , apparently , only to take off her clothes on the body thorough understanding. Pei ink is unclear , their own future will use this approach tailored for female customers , but he is clear that the current was too afraid to stay in their own gay ghosts of memory, which is a small portion of vivid movie ah , if you see an exception to Rowland , facing piece women's T-shirt can also react with shame comes in second, Pei ink is more worried about is their own fear of Roland will emerge for some inexplicable idea. Pei ink as far as possible to focus on the gay ghost drawn pattern , but sadly found that gay ghost painted figure simply unpredictable , and he looked at the book a few days summed utterly different experiences , this figure simple to the extreme , even the ruler compass and other basic drawing tools are not basically rely only on a few lines of curvature to the curvature of the framework sketched out clothing , in short , very abstract , but also abstract than Picasso ! In desperation, Pei ink repeatedly picked up a T-shirt and looked , and then according to that little bit of experience with a ruler to measure the size of the wound , it is a paper drawn up , gradually, with the parameters of the front , back, side flaps , three sketch diagram presented in the paper. After leaving the pen, ink picked Pei looked quite satisfied with their own , so with a confident greeting: "Roland , what do you think ? " ! " Puchi " Roland was light laugh: " Pei ink , your drawing skills also Well, if drawn animation, it might have been a minor celebrity , but you need to draw a diagram of clothing , rather than animated renderings ! clothing cartographic models to reflect the relationship between the shape , materials, processes and structures of your own to see on this chart , can be reflected ? " "It's .... " Pei ink rejoin their eyes back, awkward moment before laughing: " I ​​just read the book a few days , even halfway decent are not really, it was about to ask you ! " Roland proudly lost his eyes in the past , they moved a stool to sit Pei ink around, grabbed a pencil , fuss and said: " Pei ink , you are optimistic , ah , we must first rule out fabrics and shapes that interfere with your , the exact structure of the garment tick .... " Roland while painting while explaining that she has not yet reached to get rid of the ruler of the realm , huge triangular ruler and ruler alternating back and forth in her hands , the body also occasionally rub ink on PEI . Initially, PEI still ecstatic experience with ink and draw out the main points based on Roland 's explanation , they do quite a bit of experience, can Gradually, as it seems intentional, unintentional physical contact substantially decreased , and the waves Xiangpiao girl body into the nose , especially Roland body scent , though not as blue Yuqing so obvious , but it is very fresh and natural taste, which lightly doped sweat , it is filled with the most primitive hormonal atmosphere, making Pei Roland ink can not help but to rely on the past, and my heart also some around the corner ! Roland said nothing, Pei ink has been temporarily turned a deaf ear , he will just stick together with Roland tightly against my brain is the idea ! " Pei ink ! " Suddenly , I heard a clear hoot in the ears, Pei ink fierce shuddered , turned around and looked right view Roland own face staring unhappy that beautiful big eyes, faint with on the a trace of disappointment ! ! " Well," Roland Lengheng loudly: " Pei ink , your powers of concentration are bad, it does not how you are absent-minded , and if in the future to the Western model tailored to how do you do that others do not have rushed to embrace ? put ? "